Frenemies of the Porcelain Bowl

12963540_10154020044135930_5720860586057029369_nMy on- going struggle has been with this seemingly new invention that, by the looks of it , was put in place to be eco-friendly . Too many times though I find this obnoxious green handle to be asking me more than if I just want to flush? Or if I want to just eliminate a mass to press down or fluid pull up. But rather it is asking me how much force, energy and water do I want to use? How wasteful do you want to be? Then the reasoning behind my decisions becomes much more complicated as my means of measuring are, at this point, limited to visual assessment. The theorizing that if I press down every time I assure that the task at hand will always be completed, but I’m left to questions that perhaps the extra water to assure completion was an oversight and, I, have in fact, wasted water and energy, the very reason this little handle was put in place to prevent. On the other side, I could error on the side of pulling up on the handle therefore ensuring I use as little water and energy as possible. But what if it doesn’t execute the task completely? Then I’m left with the options to leave my eliminations for the public to see or proceed with flush down for the 2nd time , in which I will have, for sure wasted and endangered the planet because of my over conscious effort to preserve water. So alas, in my struggle to make sense of the world I live in or in this case the stall I have so careless chosen to briefly reside in I resort to the fact that there is no right answer , as I see it, and as I pull the handle sideways I allow the porcelain bowl to play a game of roulette with itself and leave it up to the decision of the toilet gods to make the decision for me.


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