The Straight Women who love Straight Effeminate Men: A dying breed

While looking on many a site and even going so far as to google I have alas  found that there is no dating site which supports effeminate straight men looking for single females. But look for any other type of site and you will find hookup, marriage single, christian single, bbw, sugardaddys, fitness, BDSM, seniors, Jewish, Asian, black, Hispanic,farmers, military, virgins, men seeking men, women seeking women, HIV seeking HIV, single parents, lawyers looking for lawyers dating sites but try and find a dating site on effeminate men looking for single females it doesn’t exist….

It has only recently with within my circle of friends become an admitted confession of desire and in my empirical study have found that it a population is desired. When studying men who admit to be such it seems to either be to their shame or their advantage. But I believe it to be a hidden jem in this world. Just as there are effeminate men in the world there is equally a balance of females who feel masculine in characteristics or nature but I believe both to be placed in this world to balance each other out. As I was with a man who was more on the feminine and I more on the take control side it seemed to balance itself out and where I do understand the need to want masculiness from a man I found that every so often the role switchal would occur where he would be more the aggressor and I the more submissive which lead for a very nice versatile existence.

On the other side of things, as I am know currently single I see the difficulties, as I flip through the dating sites of dating a overly masculine man. The problem arising that they generically would hate to ever admit or try a more docile approach and that there would always be head-butting and thought it might lead to very fierce intimate life I can also see it slipping quickly into one of abusiveness. The search continues…..androgynous2-34692412945